1533 / Jubidon – Electronic – Artichoke et Cetera

Exploring the more intense side of mirth, 1533 in Jubidon follows the flight and venom of a jungle bee as wobbling, whip-snap drums heave massive chords with sporadic sprite, covering three movement-vignettes that weave every strain of adrenaline over richly layered nature samples. In its verdigris swamp the leading voices of 1533 are seafoam and yellow, more mature than neon but too agitated to ever feel mellow. Sporadic in every way, the organic percussion and thrilled synths leave increasing negative space over the track as the bee flies closer to the sun until it stalls in the thin air. This song is an ode to sheerness and singular in my discography in its optimistic tone and jawbiting fervency. Agastya Chaturvedi Music.

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