70’s State of Mind / Single/ Indie 70’s Pop – by Gemyni

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Constantly creating music, Gemyni continues to improve with every release. ’70’s State of Mind’ showcases a new side of the young artist that has already amassed attention and anticipation for its release. While looking at photographs of her grandmother in the 70’s, Gemyni was inspired by the carefree, sunny mood captured in the images. Seeing her grandmother was the same age as her in the 1970’s, Gemyni wondered what it would be like to be friends with her back then. This train of thought led her to listen to some popular music of the 70’s, and inspiration struck on a random day at home with the melody of the song. Within two hours, Gemyni had written the lyrics and produced the base of the track, and the carefree, nostalgic ’70’s State of Mind’ was born. Gemyni Music.

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