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Harmonic Wings was born after creating my own musician and guitarist website Ylia Callan Guitar, I started looking around the internet for websites that I could submit my songs and music videos to. What I found was not good. A lot of old and insecure websites and blogs, some of which looked 20 years out of date. Yet many were trying to collect people’s money just to review their submission or to post on an ancient website that probably receives almost zero traffic. So I decided to change that and make a website that you can submit your songs, playlists and music videos to for free, instantly and with no login or sign up. I’m also looking for feedback and new ideas to improve the music submission user experience, so feel free to contact me. Here is a quick run down of the music categories on Harmonic Wings and at the bottom of the page you will find more information about how and why to submit songs, playlists and music videos.

All Music Styles

About Harmonic Wings

All music styles is for music genres that do not fit into the other music categories on Harmonic Wings. If your into classical, blues, rhythm and blues, opera and any other style of music that is currently not listed here, then you may submit your songs to this category until they are added to Harmonic wings.

Acoustic Music

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Watch stream and listen to all kinds of music primarily created with hollow bodied acoustic stringed instruments. Submit acoustic songs playlists and music videos to the acoustic music category.

Singer Songwriter Music

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Singer songwriter songs, playlists and music videos for all kinds of musical styles and artists who write, compose, perform and sing original or cover music. Generally on a guitar or keyboard. But these days you can write a song on any instrument and sing along and it is still considered singer songwriting.

Rock Music

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Rock and roll music covers many different fashion and styles in this category. Popularised in the 60s and 70s rock music is anything played with amplifiers and electric musical instruments Submit rock songs, playlists and music videos to the rock music category.

Instrumental Music

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Listen to instrumental songs, playlists and music videos that can be any kind of music considered without lyrics or vocals. These days the most common instrumentals are played as technophile music or acoustic arrangements.

Pop Music

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Short for popular, music this can be almost any style of music that becomes a hit. Pop music usually consists of songs with catchy melody and a smooth chorus and turnaround. Find pop songs, playlists and music videos in the pop music category on harmonic Wings.

Electronic Music

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Electronic music has evolved into a wide variety of music sub genres including House, Break Beats, Electro, Trance, Dance music. The list goes on and on for electronic music until the end of time itself. It is generally composed with electronic musical and digital instruments or with loop tracks and synthesizers. Find all electronic music styles in the electronic category on Harmonic Wings.

Hip Hop Music

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Hip Hop music consists mainly of music with stylized rhythm that goes along in tune with mostly rappers, break dancing, and turntable DJs. Hip Hop culture is massive, spawning its own fashion, slang and way of life.

Country Music

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Country music is mostly played on stringed instruments and has its roots in folk music coming from south east and west of America. Generally associated with country folks who are into farming and also the cowboy way of life.

Folk Music

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Submit folk is still alive and with songs, playlists and music videos in the folk music category. It is not really a genre of music that is easily described as it covers many musical styles but it is generally played on acoustic instruments and comes from all corners of the globe.

User Submitted Music

Submit music song tracks and playlists from Spotify and Soundcloud URLs or submit music video URLs from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many other top media and video hosting websites.

Submit Songs Playlists and Music Video URLs

Submit music tracks, playlists and video URLs with our free music submit feature. It can give your music another life and a second layer to spread around. You can also place your website URL to gain a backlink to your website or social profiles. Giving your submission a unique title and tags that can bring new traffic from search engines. Submitting music to Harmonic Wings is fast free and works instantly with no login or sign up and with no hidden catches or future cost or changes. Try it out here Submit Music or find specific instructions for submitting Spotify and Soundcloud songs, albums and playlists or music videos here Submit Spotify SongsSubmit Spotify and Soundcloud PlaylistsSubmit YouTube Music Videos.

Your music submission will have all the correct open graph tags so it will look amazing when shared on social media or messenger apps. It will also have all the correct schema micro data that search engines use to display it in the search engine results for audio and video formats. Harmonic Wings will use Google API to index your submission almost instantly on Google Search and the music you submit will be automatically converted to an Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for extremely fast loading on mobile phones, tablets and also laptop/desktop web browsers. Converting a web page to AMP also helps it to rank better in the mobile search engine results and some social networks. Check out the AMP Website here.

About Harmonic Wings

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