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Polymorphik Skyzophrenia
Acte #8

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia is a musical project created in 2001 in France (Caen, Normandy) by D.K. and La Patte Noire. A collaboration that lasted 6 years and resulted in the creation of 3 opuses tinged with an apocalyptic industrial atmosphere.

In 2011 D.K. went on a Solo adventure with more electro and techno sounds.

Acte IV (2011): « a stronger foothold into industrial » (Namiradogroove)
« Loving the combination of the contemporary mix and range of classical music! » (Rupertcheek)

Acte V (2013): « An unusual, eerie and plural electro music » (Radio Laser)
« Conceptual electro in an environment of industrial chaos » (Emerging Indie Bands)

Acte VI (2015): « More frenetic synths and more proto-New Wave » (Nadamucho)
«Very complex and groovy textures. I like what you've done. » (Bob Tarmac)

Acte VII (2019): « the distinctive soundtrack resonates instantly » (Emerging Indie Bands)
« Some crazy electronica here folks » (Little Rascal Records)

In 2018, Polymorphik Skyzophrenia signed with the non-exclusive label We Are The New Underground Records.

2021 A new opus with more airy electronic sounds.
A musical journey tinged with industrial and layered sounds creating a cinematic atmosphere.
The music tracks are developed to deliver a more progressive harmonic coherence.

Official release on May 26 2021

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Acte 8
Scène 1: Caterpillar Procession (5'14)
Scène 2: The Molt (4'56)
Scène 3: Exuviation (4'18)
Scène 4: Nymph (4'06)
Scène 5: Chrysalisis (4'34)
Scène 6: Metamorphosis (5'14)
Scène 7: Soaring (5'21)

Graphic design:
Julien Edoa -

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2016: « Le Marquis de Sade » Rennes-France

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Label WEATNU Records:
Polymorphik Skyzophrenia Music.

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