Ali Gilbert – Lose Myself

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This song was written and inspired by the BBC Three Drama adaptation of Sally Rooney's novel 'Normal People' about two people developing an intense bond that brings to light the traumas and insecurities throughout many relationships. It also focuses on vulnerability, breaking down walls, being patient and ultimately putting everything including yourself on the line to give love one last chance.


1st verse

Sometimes it's hard to know
these scars won't always show
Feels I've been circling
around this empty road
it's lonely when your the only one there
Keep trying to climb these walls
I'm drowning in my floors
you scream and cry inside
but they don't hear you call
it's lonely when your the only one there


I'm bruised
this will be the last time I fall again
Cus I played the fool for so long I'm spent
Guess I lose
I lose myself to you

2nd Verse

This time I take it slow
Don't wanna lose control
cus we been here before
when both these hearts get torn
it's lonely when you the only one there

Chorus x 2

3rd Verse

I'm not trying to push you away
all that I'm asking
is baby for you
to just give me time

Chorus x 3 Alistair Gilbert Music.

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