Aliens Come

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Thank you for your contribution to the culture! We wanted you at Harmonic Wings to be one of the first to experience the new single"Aliens Come" by Elly 22. Listen:
About the SongThe world’s been looking like its ending from Elly 22 ‘s rooftop. To her it seems that the entire world is now a 3rd World country unless we unite as one. Soulfully jabbing at government and religion, she decides to hit the streets banking on LOVE. Her velvety vocals take us with her on a mission to find that destined person that we’re all supposed to be with, when the aliens come.Follow: Presave & Follow link:
About the Artist
Also known as “Elly Asantewaa”, Elly  22 Is a German born Ghanaian NYC Rapper/Singer with a firm foundation in music, acting and modeling.
Ghana Music Online says: Mishka (Russia) maintains:
Elly 22's previous release “Birthday” recently triggered Spotify’s Discover Weekly list and she’s determined to keep the momentum. Her upcoming single “Aliens Come” is sure to grab hearts and command attention all around the globe. Her ability to seamlessly rap and melodiously sing about social issues make Elly 22 a true musical Nexus.
Elly 22 is also a featured artist on FLOCABULARY the musical teaching tool used by hundreds of thousands of schools across the country and millions worldwide.
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Additional links:   "Birthday"
Short film (acting credit):
Instagram: Elly_the22 Elly Music.

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