As Darkness Falls

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As a singer/songwriter who's recently written, recorded and released a song and music video, which addresses the urgency in voting, from a decidedly left leaning perspective. I would like to submit the video. for your review. I've all relevant links below, including the YouTube Link for this video.

I am no novice to music nor video, having begun performing and writing during the late 1960s, continuing through the present, and acting as owner/operator at my “day job”, of a litigation video company.

The song somewhat reflects The Beatles and Pink Floyd influences, filtered through my own unique approach, developed over the decades. Handicapped by the pandemic, not only did I cover all technical aspects of this (and all current recordings), I also am responsible for all instruments and vocals.

It should be noted that “As Darkness Falls” had a preview screening, which was broadcast in January 2020, hence the earlier publication date. The actual release of the song occurred 26 September 2020. “Go Away, Rona!” was released on 17 August 2020.

I hope you give it a watch/listen. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks, so much!

Johnny Zawacki
989-277-3930 mobile (Spotify song link) (Bandcamp song link) (Facebook page link) (“As Darkness Falls” video link) (bonus Coronavirus video song link, “Go Away, Rona!”, which has the same technical and performance history) Johnny Z (Johnny Zawacki) Music.

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