As Darkness Falls

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As a singer/songwriter who's recently written, recorded and released a song and music video, which addresses the urgency in voting, from a decidedly left leaning perspective. I would like to submit the video. for your review. I've all relevant links below, including the YouTube Link for this video.

I am no novice to music nor video, having begun performing and writing during the late 1960s, continuing through the present, and acting as owner/operator at my β€œday job”, of a litigation video company.

The song somewhat reflects The Beatles and Pink Floyd influences, filtered through my own unique approach, developed over the decades. Handicapped by the pandemic, not only did I cover all technical aspects of this (and all current recordings), I also am responsible for all instruments and vocals.

It should be noted that β€œAs Darkness Falls” had a preview screening, which was broadcast in January 2020, hence the earlier publication date. The actual release of the song occurred 26 September 2020. β€œGo Away, Rona!” was released on 17 August 2020.

I hope you give it a watch/listen. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks, so much!

Johnny Zawacki
989-277-3930 mobile (Spotify song link) (Bandcamp song link) (Facebook page link) (β€œAs Darkness Falls” video link) (bonus Coronavirus video song link, β€œGo Away, Rona!”, which has the same technical and performance history) Johnny Z (Johnny Zawacki) Music.

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