Baltimore/Rocket Science/Alternative, Naomi Alligator

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Naomi Alligator is the musical project of Virginian, Corrinne James. Growing up in a neighborhood swallowed by kudzu, greenery has been a major inspiration for the project. Green grass, green vines, and green trees create the backdrop for lyrics that create myth out of the ordinary. With melodies that construct an airy open space, one is able to imagine the sense of place that James is describing with her words.

The project was started in Charlottesville, Virginia. An animator by day, James began recording music with the intention of creating sound for her animations. Now her music is the centerpiece, informing complementary visual pieces. Naomi Alligator consists of music, lyrics, videos and photographs that portray a young woman exploring the mysterious parts of a known landscape. A place that she unconditionally loves and trusts, for better or for worse. Naomi Alligator Music.

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