Blu.Tick (House Music) by 2.eX.G

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Blu.Tick (Debut) _ is inspired by an urban phenomenon, especially popular in the South African social space. This track is basically about a well-known social app (WhatsApp), where being ignored means to be “blue ticked”. This usually happens when a message is read by the receiver, who happens to be online and/or changes pictures or updates their status but does not reply for whatever reason. Not a very nice feeling for the sender, as it leaves one confused as to why they are being ignored! I’m sure many can relate to this type of scenario. In any case, after the shock and acceptance of what many consider a “petty situation”. Ultimately one moves on with life, which is what is communicated through this, chilled and deep vibey jam. This is indeed a new-age timeless piece.
2.eX.G Music.

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