Broken Bones / Toxic Wasteland / Orion Vincent x Danny Schultz

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Orion vincent has been in the hip hop industry for 20+ years. Danny schultz was in ska / rock bands for 10+ years. These 2 met when they started work at the some place, and instantly formed an unbreakable bond. Both have grown up on linkin park, fort minor, limp bizkit, and a lot of 90s and early 2000s rock, and having a background in both rap and rock, they both wanted to make the type of music that the world lost when the great linkin park left us. Their newest album, toxic wasteland, is heavily inspired by the late linkin park, and you can hear the inspiration bleed through each track.
Their new album just dropped on Feb. 11, 2021 and has already been picked up by Boston Rock Radio, Sirius XM host Eric Alper of the 360 Indie Rock channel (Who loved it so much he wants to talk PR relations in Canada) and co-signed by so many fans from around the globe on social media.
The sound these 2 bring is the sound the world has been missing, and is extremely happy to have back!
Orion Vincent Music.

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