Bruh by Uriel Bromberg

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bruh footprint: as you can see, my shoe footprint in the artwork says 'bruh' because dropping this song i was a big step for me to get started.
why did i choose trains? because since i was 10 years old, my mother moved to a house that was next to a train station and we could hear the train passing by. and plus, rayne fisher-quann had been sexually abused on a train subway station - she was the girl saying "get a job" at the end of the song. this song was meant to be something that we can move on and get over our traumas.
broadway & rector st: i've decided to make the photoshoot of this song at rector street subway station because i love that place and broadway is iain armitage's favorite place and we did this song together somehow.
bleep bloop: i start this song by saying "bleep bloop means i love you" because i got a tattoo on my left foot right 2 days before my older brother passed away.
who needs a car if i can swim underwater: that line was the first i wrote and recorded because my older brother said he'd teach me how to drive a car but he didn't and now that he's not on earth, he just can't. his cause of death was because he drown at work.
i'm moving forward but i'm leaving my footprint, as i sing "i take that pain and make art with it". Uriel Bromberg Music.

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