ollection of Love Songs "Bruises 'N Heartaches" Was Invisioned To Capture The Raw Sounds Of Love In All It's Array, The Project Was Built On The Concept That Love Is A Drug And Some People Get Addicted To That Drug, Through The High And The Lows It Brings Joy And Pain But How Does That Pain Impact Someone? What If That Pain Caused The Person To Stop Using The Drug But They're Still Addicted, How Do They Cope?

The Production Of This Project Is A Mixture Of Contemporary And Lofi R&B, Some Songs Are Unmixed While Others Have Clippings And Distorted Noise But That's Done Intentionally To Capture The Sound That The Project Was Invisioned To Have.

Originally Released On Soundcloud Earlier This Year The Deluxe Contains Bonus Tracks And Features And Is Exclusive To Audiomack Jxmes Morningstxr Music.

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