Burning for you

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The Netherlands based songstress is ready to make her presence known with the release of her self-titled 2019 debut, out now. And if her lead single, β€œBurning For You (Club Mix)” is any indication, the world will be singing and dancing along to her sooner than later.

Her debut single, β€œBurning For You (Club Mix),” dropped in Fall 2018. Just a few short months after her history with boy bands came full circle opening for O-Town in Portland on their 2018 reunion tour. Sharmila kept the momentum going strong as she said goodbye to 2018 and prepped for a whirlwind in 2019.

Not only did she release the girl power anthem, β€œRespect Your Body,” but she also has more music up her sleeve. Not only did she release her self-titled in 2019, but already has her sophomore album ready to go. People can look forward to DNA Damage out very soon!
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