Chwani – Connect

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Directed by Vinto Neskon, Jeff and mixed and mastered by Chwani.
@youngfifty67 @vintoneskon

Vixen 1 - Linda
Vixen 2 - @liainlaureen

Ghost Money Gang

Verse I

Yell RIP to the old me
Fuck all these fakes never coach me
Got a hundred on the head of a phoney
Rifle aimin to the head of a trophy
Muscle up when I flex on set
And am calling my connect on set
Spirit shit so I make it levitate
Ski shit got the ice on my neck
Nigga tell me what you never ever done
Pull the trigger bitch am holdin to the gun
Black white on a panda or a nun
Zap shit hit a nigga wit a stun
Got the colors on cotton candy
My babies rockin Fendis
Right now my shit is trendin
Fake freaks na jokes sipendi
Got a bitch from Daresalaam, we march the interstates
Got a tray ninachoma makaa am on dat speedin shit
Better get shit started burnin party I wanna bang my shorty
Bad bitch wit an ass on Cardi rowdy my bitches never tardy
Man I spend it on the check and I make it down the steps
runnin down motherfucka live a lie
Man the driver has arrived, what am destined to find
If you fuck wit one of us we ain't never let it slide
If you comin wit a drive by we ain't never let it ride
Hit a nigga two times two nickles make a dime
Black and yellow motherfucka decorated like a crime
Lazer aimin to a head of a snitch on the ground
My paper got me bossy
And yes my paper love me
I do I also got me
Now let me fuck my money
Makin love to my money am bout to fuck my money (money)
Makin love to my money am bout to fuck my money
(Cash cash cash cash cash)

Stay seated
Hey, gang
Gang gang gang
Swerve swerve

Verse II

Gang gang gang gang bang
Headed to the top wit the right slang
Cobra bite wit the right fangs
Jacked up like my name Chan
Smokin em puffs on my purp
Dat little bitch is a perve
My paper is ready to swerve
Nigga just hit on my nerves
Hey, bitches I pave the way, I got the candle light
Am cockin my AK, I got my tempo right
Ice ice life cut at the of the knife
Fight fight night, Tyson is ending yo life
Playin these keys like Mozart
Chief Keef got drill on Cozart
Wisdom and I control ya
Deep shit we fuckin trojans
I told you niggaz ballin now, I am in my zone
They crowned me King haters bow, at the end of the song
Bitch I believe it, I know I got it
Am shootin semen, these haters swallow
Am winnin man, and they can't sustain it
Am infinity man, man am ready to claim it
Am feelin it man, I can't contain it
Am bringin it man, this shit is as destined Chwani Music.

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