Cold Hearted

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Miami native and college student Lav.Lew releases his latest single titled Cold Hearted. The melodic track presents Lew using his singing voice to convey the pain he’s experienced. The opening line presents a woman’s voice in voicemail over the lead guitar synth. Lew rides the SephGotTheWaves beat with ease, using his effortless flow and melody. Lav.Lew aims to tell stories in his music he said β€œCold Hearted is a song I wrote a while ago about a boy who got his heartbroken and gave up on love, and finds new hope in love as he meets a new love interest”. Lew is just getting started, and has already proved his talent and networking skills. His feature on Noso1o’s Fallin’ Out proved the smallest taste of his lyricism coinciding with eclectic melodies. The song Cold Hearted is a special one for Lew, it showcases the beginning stages of a talent developing and gaining interest among Syracuse University students. Lav.Lew Music.

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