Criminal – rock, alternative rock – The J.O.B.

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Inspired by the protests and police confrontations in their hometown during the summer of 2020, Richmond rock band, The J.O.B. decided to preserve the moment with this powerful new music video for their latest single, “Criminal”. With this video, the band boldly demonstrates what can happen when creativity, musicianship, and a video camera intersect with important cultural events. 

“There’s a lot to this song, a lot of subtext,” says Jim O’Ferrell, the band’s co-founder and singer/guitarist. “We witnessed the demonstrations happening downtown every day, every night, here and in other cities all at once,” O’Ferrell explained. “We recognized it as a pivotal event of our generation and we had to write about it, to preserve it as we experienced it.”

Gritty and provocative, the song “Criminal” is a thoughtful blend of blues rhythms, hard rock guitar, and soulful vocal melodies. It is sung from the ground level, from a marcher’s point of view amidst the noise and smoke of protest and civil unrest. The video was filmed in the band’s own neighborhood. Boarded windows and impassioned graffiti are glimpsed as the camera travels the nighttime sidewalk, skillfully transporting the viewer onto the bawdy streets in the aftermath. 
Jim O'Ferrell Music.

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