Daily Farmer says ro-music is falling apart (EXCLUSIVE)

Daily Farmer says roblox music is "Falling Apart". Ro-Multi-Platinum recording artist Daily Farmer stopped by to talk about his new single coming out January 7th "In Between" and about the current state of ro-music. Daily says his new single is one of his favorites off of his new album he is working on. "Yeah, so the new album that I'm working on is very close to being completed, we just want to make sure we have the right songs that fit with this project. 'In Between' is for sure a great song that matches the album perfectly. Fans are going to love this song just to relax too." We also asked Daily what he thinks of the current state of ro-music. "Ro-music has really been falling apart the last year. Most of it now is people copying other popular artists music and putting it on roblox. That is why I love one of my labels, ro-umg, they only pick the best artists that make there own music. I say we have to re-work ro-music a lot to fix what has happend." Daily Farmer Music.

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