Damon White – Dopamine

Damon White - Dopamine (2020)

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On June 19 Damon White released fresh single Dopamine. Damon says that he placed a vibe of love and passion in this song. The lyrics were coined literally on a napkin on the plane when he was returning from a romantic trip. The events of the song were based on his fleeting romance with one Russian model.
As Damon says:
“It was a very funny story, I went to Dubai for the weekend. The next day my producer called me shouting: “Damon, where are you, mother f*cker? What a hell are you doing there, where are the lyrics for a new single? ”
After 3 hours I was sitting on the plane and flying back to the studio. I urgently needed to write a lyrics, so I decided to describe my trip. In general, I don’t really like to spread about my personal life, but sometimes I need to share the strong feelings that I experienced. This song is very important to me. It’s like nice memories of the moments when I felt a huge release of dopamine. I think these fleeting moments get our lives amazing. ” Damon White Music.

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