Dans La Forêt (Biscuit Trails) by Aiko Aiko

Aiko Aiko - Dans La Forêt (Biscuit Trails) ft. Simon Mayer & Magdalena Chowaniec [Official Video]

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The Austrian electronica deep pop duo Aiko Aiko released a music video for their new song Dans La Forêt (Biscuit Trails), which is featured in director Kevin Kopacka’s feature film “HAGER”, and has also been released online on the related soundtrack “HAGER EP” on Berlin label diesdas Records.
For the music video, the two dance and performance artists Magdalena Chowaniec (AT/PL) and Simon Mayer (AT/BE) were invited to improvise to the song, and give their own, spontaneous interpretation, independently from one another. In the video, the performances stand side by side - an experiment showing the interplay of similarities and contrasts in the individual approaches, originating from the same starting point. In a continuous camera shot, viewers follow the two artists dancing through the abandoned localities, confronted with emblematic requisites selected by Aiko Aiko, as they narrate their distinct, personal story of the song. Two additional videos will give the opportunity to have a closer look on the solo performances as well.
A very first foretaste of the new Aiko Aiko album that is set to be released in 2020.
Aiko Aiko Music.

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