daylight – electro pop, indie pop – Sister Teeth

This song is called "daylight". It's a unique, experimental electro pop/indie pop, bop. Written and performed by me, Halie Alexander (AKA Sister Teeth) and produced by Bryan Czap.

I currently work full time in the waste management industry (yes, trash!) while also trying to hustle to be a musician. This song is literally just about being SO BORED at work. "In daylight we all lose our minds". Day jobs can suck the life out of you especially if you're an artist. This song is basically about that feeling - being stuck in an office, can't even tell what day it is anymore, and just standing up and stretching, trying to feel alive again ("put your hands up touch the wall/slide your feet across the floor/lace your fingers intertwined/feel your bones they realign").

Sister Teeth Music.

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