Re-upload of my song READY TO DIE taken from my up and coming Sixth EP HFMGTFGTBSOITJDT which will be out on the 27th January this year.

Delving deep into Mental torment and torture with this one and I know it will probably rustle a few feathers but it's my duty to keep it real and this song perfectly describes the battles I have been facing mentally throughout the years.I was going through very dark times when writing this and I also speak about the dark times I have previously also experienced throughout my living years.

Death has always been on my mind, since a young age because I have always felt like a failure and believe that I always will be a failure.

Depression for me comes and goes but it never truly goes away. "DAZULOUS"


All music and lyrics written, recorded, composed, mixed and mastered by DAZULOUS.

All rights reserved. DAZULOUS Music.

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