December Rose release “When We Were Young (Remixes)”

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December Rose – “When We Were Young (Remixes)”

Label Name - Slammin Media

Release Track list:

1. When We Were Young (Sandy Duperval Remix)
2. When We Were Young (Remix)
3. When We Were Young (Sudden Sound Remix)
4. When We Were Young (Inoculous Remix)

When We Were Young' was inspired by the incredible children I get to coach, teach, and mentor. A few years back, while being in a rather depressive state, I found myself somewhat envying the bliss and joy in simplicity that the kids showed up to their lessons with. It forced me to take a hard look at myself and ask where had my joy in simplicity gone? I went back to my roots of Disney films, specifically Lion King, and allowed the power of 'Circle of Life' and my thoughts on childhood to adulthood to form an anthemic piece of nostalgia and reflection.

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When We Were Young (Remixes)

When We Were Young (Sandy Duperval Remix)

When We Were Young (Remixes) URI: spotify:album:12y7Lmv5AKvBfyGwc8Af9r

When We Were Young (Sandy Duperval Remix) URI:

Amy Music.

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