Die like a rockstar

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'Die Like a Rockstar' is the first song and video from 'Notes 2 Myself', with this song GIO relates, in first person, the frustration and decadence of the life of an artist. The undervalued road that they take which, on occasions, provokes their own self destruction. In his video, using the iconic figure of James Dean as inspiration , GIO thrusts on us his message of rebelliousness and independence before the musical industry.

N2M is a project that arises out of the artists own depression and self destruction. By means of this collection of songs GIO takes us on a journey into his world including an audiovisual adventure taking inspiration from some of the most iconic deaths in popular culture to narrate his own story . The story of an artist who, thanks to his music, has known how to transform a life of darkness into light. Gio Bermejo Music.

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