End Of The Game

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When I was a kid, I had a big crush on a girl.
But she didn't feel the same.
As I have already started playing the guitar, and writing songs,
I wanted to capture that feeling of pain.
And I thought about a name for a song,
I wanted to make a statement with it.
That's how I came up with the title "End Of The Game" (and lyrics).
My dear friends and amazing musicians,
that worked with me on this song are:
Ailyn Mondragon: vocals
Vladimir Sostaric: bass guitar
Tihomir Vucajnk: rhythm guitars
Marcus Hauck: drums
Milenko Nedic: piano/organs - this was the last song that he recorded with us.
Johannes Then: production
Ludwig Maier GKG Mastering
And me (Goran Vedris: lead/rhythm guitars/music/lyrics/arrangements)
Btw, big THANK YOu to Karolina Cesarec for the photographs Kheops One feat. Ailyn Mondragon Music.

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