England’s Wyrding – Folk-Prog EP – The Television Of Cruelty

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The ever-eclectic Television Of Cruelty have released a new 5-track EP called England's Wyrding, now available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc.

Anyone who's been following the TVC project for the last 16 years will know to expect the unexpected and this latest release does not disappoint. This time round there's a general theme of the weird and the eerie, a theme often associated withΒ  English Folk Horror and Hauntology. There are songs here about abandonment, suicide, war, the search for enlightenment and the storms of autumn, as well as a space rock track about The Winchcombe Meteroite (a lump of space debris that landed on the drive of a house in a small country town in the English countryside in February 2021). The EP is also an examination of Englishness immediately after the spiteful divisions caused by Brexit and during the major Coronavirus pandemic.

Stylistically, the music encompasses traditional folk, rock and dance music. There are guitars here, and drums - but also flutes and a melodica. The tunes have a folk lilt, the lyrics are plain yet poetic.

England's Wyrding was written, performed and produced by Ian Williams at the TVC studio, based in the Cotswold Hills in the heart of England. Ian Williams Music.

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