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Lumecx is a Zimbabwean boy group based in Mufakose Harare, composed of Leon Marume [Leonce Leonard], Christopher Marume [Chris D], O’Brian Zindoga and [Mambo].

background information
also known as

Mufakose Harare

Afro pop ,R&B, Trap and Hip-hop

years active

Roadblock music ,Bingu village and Magweta musiq

Leon Marume [Leonce Leonard] Christopher Marume [Chris d] O’Brian Zindoga [mambo]
The group was formed by Leonce Leonard in 2017 after collaborating with his brother Chris D on a track called β€œVimbaneni”. On the 13th of January 2017 released their debut single β€œnever let you go”. The group went on recording another three single tracks [My everything, My mother and No more]. The following year the group released further two singles that is [Down and Moments of love].

By the end of the year 2018 Mambo joined Lumecx after a collaboration on a track called Ndaperera Ft. Infinity Beatz our producer. In December 2018 the group had to record another two singles [Ndiye and Ndione].in the year 2019 the group began working on their debut album [Moments of love] which was launched on the 15th of November 2019 of the same year. On the 19th of July 2019, Lumecx welcomed another new member Kp Simbi who later included on two tracks” 2. Zvemafani and 16. Ole (I’m grateful)”. Then he left the group. Lumecx has released two more songs this year. Mhamha ft Massive Mish and Love song (DJ).Yesterday dropped another track Ndiudze which was premiered at PowerFM, Hevoi Fm and Zambian Radio Joy Fm
Lumecx Music.

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