Femme / Purple Skies / Elle Moon

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This song is an ode to my upbringing in the Middle East. This song is called Femme which means Woman in French, the song's chorus is in French and it talks about 'we women are blamed, there's nothing but blame for women like me'. The rap is in English and goes over the capitalistic and consumeristic lifestyle we women are exposed to. The instrumental of the song is Oriental which pays homage to my Middle Eastern upbringing. I speak French, English, Arabic and Spanish and this song combines three of my worlds. As a woman, I'm taught that I'm incomplete, that I need to surround myself with materialistic possessions and subscribe to unattainable ideals of femininity in order to be appealing to men. But I reject those ideals, and don't need a man to tell me how to be. I'm free to be myself and be equal to all men - those that I love, and those that I know. Elle Moon Music.

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