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Artist host and executive producer Paper Posh aka Ftema Raysor Senorita
Papel. The hunter of fashion the black Joan Rivers, Baby Oprah.Not only
did Ftema develop papersposhpics as brand but over the years it has
become a lifestyle. Since 2005 when Paper Girl entertainment was
established Ftema was not only a host but an artist, writer, actress and
entertainment mongol is one of her strong qualities. Now that you have
explored a description of what it means to be poshed don't be afraid to stay
tuned so you can explore.Miss posh has produced albums and has done all
kinds of projects in entertainment. This bio is a psa for the one and only
posh leader of the posh population of the posh people. This means you are
trendy positive on schedule with high fashion.Now since you've inquired
your own route to truly becoming poshed You have been poshed in my
famous words. Fatema Raysor is also known as Paper Posh has been a
professional on-camera talent since 1997. Her first project was Street
Vision Television which aired online. Since then she has worked on
numerous projects on camera and behind the scenes. After creating Paper
Girl TV, she starred in her Variety Vlog Interview show. Reinventing her
image, in 2012 she created a new and innovative show geared towards
fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. Paper Posh's vibrant personality always
seems to captivate an audience and keep them guessing on her next
move. Her thirst for excitement and knowledge lets the audience
experience her journey. With her many characteristics from
singing, dancing, modeling, and skating Paper Posh is no dull host. Everyone
loves her outgoing personality on and off-camera. Her unique style for
hosting makes the interview even more so interesting and cool.
Paperposh Music.

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