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Hy Osama is a 21-year-old recording artist born in BROOKLYN NEW YORK, but raised in South Jamaica Queens. At first, living in NYC was a shock but Osama and his family knew they had to adapt to life in the concrete jungle quickly. In NYC, Hy Osama learned that he would need to hustle hard to make it out of his gritty environment. Prior to making music consistently Osama was mostly known for being the kid from the hood talented at backflipping.
Hy Osama is now the front-running artist of OSAMA ENT., which consists of founding members Camron “Stakkz” Mali, Dada “Swiftdakidd” Remo, and Ron “Ty”. Found A Way” is one of Hy Osama’s most popular songs, and perfectly captures his care-free, yet candid style of music. Osama has been firing off music videos consistently over the last year, and is gearing up fans for his debut body of work, as well as collaborative releases with his team.
ELEVATOR . had an opportunity to speak with Hy Osama about growing up in New York, early inspirations In in Hip-Hop. Read our interview below.

How do you think growing up in New York is different from other places?

Growing up in NYC was a culture shock coming from Africa at first but I adapted quick. I felt like I was thrown in the jungle with nothing to eat and I had to find my way but it was the best thing that happened to me. Nothing is given in this city.. you gotta take it. The hustle is 1000x intentest here so anywhere else I go I feel like I have the upper hand to be honest. Nothing in New York is sugar coated. If its wack, its wack… the crowds at the shows will let you know, even the girls the city is different because its so fast paced that you’ll be 21 years old and have lived the life of a 45 year old. Real talk the kids definitely grow up quick out here!

Is there a song right now that you’ve had heavy in rotation?

Right now I’ve been playing a lot of my own music. My new single “IDK” is in heavy rotation.

Was there a specific Hip-Hop song you listened to early on that inspired your rap career?

6 Foot 7 Foot by Lil Wayne is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. It definitely inspired me to really take rap serious and see what I can bring to the game.

For someone that’s never heard your music – what song of yours would you recommend they listen to first? Why?

I would recommend my single “Love N Hate .” One of the main reasons why is because the reactions I get from my fans.. I feel like everyone loves the track the same way I do. It’s upbeat, and catchy.

Hy Osama Is The Next Artist Being Co-Signed By Atlantic Records . His musical influences ranges from Pop Smoke , Lil Keed, Juice World, G Herbo and NBA YOUNGBOY . “HY OSAMA” aka THE GOAT, is An American Singer/Songwriter, one of the newest upcoming Stars out of QUEENS NY
& now one of NYC's hottest Trap Artists quickly going up .
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