Ghost- by Cinélu

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The single:
Ghost is as much about a sexual experience that haunts as it is about freedom. The first two lines of the song acknowledge that it's about opening up to the experience to have the experience. The vocals are raw: sometimes whispering, whaling, broken down into rhythm and rhyme, all part of a performance to convey there are no rules anymore.

Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Cinélu, and daughter of renowned French jazz percussionist Mino Cinélu, has leveraged her birthright into a lifelong career in the arts. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Cinélu's look and sound brought her to the attention of top music and television producers alike. Cinélu has appeared in many of television's most popular programs, including Scandal, Law and Order, and more, as well as national and international television and print ads, including a McDonald's commercial shot by award-winning director, Antoine Fuqua.

Cinélu has also found great success in music, her first love learned from listening to her father's performances with artists as varied as Sting, Herbie Hancock, and the legendary Miles Davis. In addition to appearing on tracks featuring her signature sultry voice, Cinélu has composed tracks for music titans like John Legend, Natasha Bedingfield, and Estelle to name a few. Her songs have been featured in hit movies like Ride Along, About Last Night, as well as in various other films and television shows, including the theme song for WGN’s hit show Underground. Most notably, Cinélu’s compositions skills were featured in the Oscar-winning La La Land. Making her one of two black composers and the only female to compose for the groundbreaking musical.

Cinélu uses her diverse background from growing up on the east coast in a bilingual multi-cultural home, to performing in all facets of drama, to inform not only her songwriting but also her performance.

Sync 1 is all about cinematic drama. She wanted to piggyback off of her experience writing for tv and film as well as her experience as an actress. Through song and performance, she wanted to recreate the moments that capture our attention on screen. Cinélu Music.

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