Go! – Hip Hop/Rap – Pure Flow x Branny Lee

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Hello, Pure Flow is back again with another exceptional piece of artwork (Go!). This artwork is in collaboration with up-and-coming musician Branny Lee and beats creator Steezy Redz. This work doubles as an Extended Project teaser from Pure Flow and Branny Lee. All three artists collaborated to make the most out of this single. Hours were spent in pre, during, and post-production. The artists have come together to ask for promotional help with this piece. It is a beat-oriented, Hip-Hop/Rap track. If interested, more information can be given for promotional help. To keep this brief, we ask you to give it a listen, and if you like it and want to help with playlisting (Spotify and Apple Music Preferably), social media posts, or tags on socials it would be greatly appreciated.
Cole Ranweiler Music.

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