Hard Headed- Pop- Dance- by Robert Rene

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We are currently promoting ROBERT RENÉ who is a new singer with a show out of the world! A unique concoction of pop and dance infused with good vibes and amazing lyrics, blending in varying parts the influences of Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Beyonce.
In his own words:
β€œI'm an overall entertainer who loves to sing, dance, act and put smiles on people's faces. I’m a performer at heart and I love the rigor of rehearsing and putting your blood sweat and tears into a performance”
His daring style and his beautiful voice keep the audience involved and nailed to the music, for an experience that is truly one of a kind. Feel free to send any questions or request to artistsatplayent@gmail.com or call 9549994711 or Whatsapp us +573126508482.

We have many amazing artists and we would like to form a professional relationship with you!! Robert Rene Music.

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