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Armed with passion, love, mystery and his signature style, GARRETT PAKNIS is back with a new, powerful and intense track. With its big, memorable, and in your face synths from the beginning and throughout, β€˜HAUNTED’ is the Halloween banger of 2020.

β€œI wrote β€˜HAUNTED’ quite literally because that’s how I felt while living in Berlin, Germany after a failed relationship and having the hardest time letting go of this love.” PAKNIS says. β€œWriting this track gave me an extra layer of healing, and even though I’m speaking about being haunted, I feel like making this project allowed me to leave that phase of my life in the past. It was extremely cathartic.” he also shares.

Featuring elements of electronic, dance and garage music, β€˜HAUNTED’ has the perfect combination of hypnotic, danceable sounds and relatable lyrics that will strike the audience with a wave of emotions.

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