Hippi / Day Dreaming 2 / Long Indie Night – Alternative – Astro Jvckson

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Hey guys I’m Astro Jvckson I make feel good vibey music that I think a lot of people would truly enjoy , plus I read yalls blog all the time and think it would be super cool to be on here

I’m Jackson Skillingstad (Astro Jvckson) . I was born in Ruston, Louisiana. Raised in North Louisiana. I’m a Recording Artist, Community Activist, and Photographer. I’m starting and runing PREMIUM The Label with a few other amazing individuals. My inspirations are Lil Peep, Kevin Gates, Jeezy, Juice Wrld Inspirations. I also do more than make music, I am a human being and everything I do (including music) is just me being me
Follow my Instagram - @astrojvckson7 Astro Jvckson Music.

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