Hold on (feat New Cupid)

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How are you doing my name is Otis aka Biggface D'Ville? I am an independent artist/ producer out of Georgia and one half of Cool Ppl Ent. The other half of the duo is Ball-D-Red. We created our own genre of music is called Southern hip-hop blues which is the name of our upcoming album. Our style is mixture of southern hip hop, soul, and blues. I tend to use a lot of live instruments in my production especially guitar. We have a new single we are preparing to release called Hold On featuring Cupid (Cupid Shuffle). This is a song that I recorded, co-wrote and produced. The release date is 10/30/20. It was mixed by Avery Johnson and mastered by Glen Schick. Thank you for your time and consideration. Biggface & Ball-D-Red Music.

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