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My name is Renekarl Pardela, traveling artist out of Bay Area California.
Releasing my latest album, Herbs & Essentials | X in a few days. My fourth album is a byproduct of an experiment and stay in Texas. After a failed attempt at securing a studio time for a planned album, I made out a 3 album series on an iPad. Living in a car, traveling around the country for my third year, I've learned a thing a two about constant changes and limitations.Β  For my first instrumental album, I've used different textures that are familiar on the road, the flows and abrupt changes. I've also experimented with sounds that have familiar associations to evoke meaning and background. I had tried to preserve each song as it came to me to preserve it's style and state of my mind as I had made them, so each song is made to be different, unique and a story of it's own.Β 
Had fun making this, hope you enjoy!
Best regards
renekarl paradela Music.

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