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"I Don't Know" is a progressive and relaxing Trap/R&B track by RahThatsMad and F.R.E.Y.A and produced by Vin Ace. This is RahThatsMadโ€™s third single and F.R.E.Y.A's second, with its core theme rooted in the romantic turmoil both artists have experienced in recent years.

The song conveys the common struggles faced by young people in the modern dating world, such as the frequent and fragile connections made and broken on dating apps. The lyrics also often reference the London background and Indian-British heritage of both artists, adding an extra element of personal context and relatability. A clear example of this is the line โ€œSo Iโ€™m swiping left, moving like itโ€™s Dil Milโ€, referring to a very popular South Asian dating app.

Rahโ€™s modern hip-hop delivery compliments F.R.E.Y.Aโ€™s soulful R&B vocals to create a unique mix, at the same time mellow and upbeat. Paired with the laidback instrumental, the song emphasises both the familiar sadness and frustration of a new relationship gone wrong and the hope for a more meaningful relationship in the future.

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