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Lets get it started baby girl I got the plug
Im in the back baby come and say what up
I taste lip gloss all up on my tongue
I got liqour in my blood in my blood

Its in my blood x12

(Verse 1)
I got em feelin a way
check on me like mate
boutta spend it where it dont matter
but what matter when you paid
Nothin matter till you tank
So I do it big never safe
Oh they switch up, now they lined up, Better take cover when I aim

Bang my line but don't waste my time
Cause that time is money down
And Im up in the night
Blown out my mind
Bone when we high
Roll it roll it roll it roll it floatin cloud 9

Now watch watch what you say to me
Now Im on and they fake to me
Dont got a lot finna change soon
Just like her undies thats a monsoon ooh

Cant take me out of my element
Cross on her neck and thats heaven sent
So grab a 40 cause we gonn party
Like bet shawty lets get it started


(Verse 2)

baby girl what you doin to me

wearing all this god damn jewelry

don’t really phase me

you think i’m crazy

only thing thats crazy is the way you that you amaze me

i just want you to love me again

let’s not fuck and pretend

that we were only friends

cause the first night I met you

looking in those gray eyes

knowing that the loves true

it’s in my blood it’s in my blood

all these diamonds yeah they might cause a flood

10 toes down yeah I stay 10 toes up

surfing on my wave please catch up tanner m thompson Music.

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