Jane’s Addiction – Singer/Songwriter & Folk – Aylak

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An intimate, lo-fi song about 'taking the easy way out' - based on a realy story, it's more of requirem for a friend that got lost in life, and managed to fool herself somehow. It covers the history we shared and might have shared - the future, the same way. 'Wasn't Jane's Addiction, speeding up your tunnel vision... Wasn't Jane's Affection, that you really need some, oh did I mention? It wasn't your pretty at all. New veins are off to occupy... Streets and dorms and metropols... fuck your husband high on methadone.. Surround yourself with all... It's easy to say so... You're naked underneath... An easy way to go... than to say I gave up and too afraid to stand by your side... now you are giving it all... but I won't pay to fall... It wasn't pretty at all...' Aylak Music.

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