Just Get Innn

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Dear Harmonic Wings,

My name is Jarlentji and I’m a singer, songwriter and producer from The Netherlands. I just released my new single ‘Just Get Innn’ on all streaming platforms.

With my father being a fusion drummer and musician, I grew up with a wide range of music. After years of being active as a singer, I now also write and produce my own songs. I produce R&B music that is catchy, but I always make sure to add elements that make it sound unique and different.

With ‘Just Get Innn’, I really wanted to fuse all the music that influences me into one song. The rhythmic drums, the colorful chords, the sweet R&B melodies, the groovy bass, it’s all in there.

Here is a link to a wav- and artwork file of the song:

Here is a link to the song on Spotify: 

My socials:

Hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,

Jarlentji Music.

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