Just Let Me Be by FIGS

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Ironic, fun, and musically intelligent, 'Just Let Me Be' is the brand new debut single from four-piece rock band, FIGS. The first release under this name, 'Just Let Me Be' was initially written as a joke - until they realised that they might have been onto something big. With lyricism inspired by their own personal relationships, paired with a classic rock sound, this single is reminiscent of alt-rock big time bands King Gizzard and Temples, whilst the band are generally influenced by older rock outfits that paved the way for music today, such as Dire Straits and Steely Dan. The new band's artwork for their debut single is intensely symbolic, with the wasp symbolising the need for growth, and for the old to give way to the new which represents each band member's journey to becoming FIGS. Lyrically, 'Just Let Me Be' speaks to love in the digital age, and the unfulfillment of this era of instant gratification. FIGS Music.

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