Kumas – Ricochet (Official Music Video)

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Music Matters Review- Ricochet is a melancholic indie pop song. Without any intro, the vocal begins with clean sounds of the guitars. The song grabs you immediately and it is easy to relate to how the vocalists are feeling right now. The small section of the chorus just before all the instruments join together is perfect. Some riffs between the verses are catchy and give a slight Celtic vibe. I would love to hear this song live. As for the rhythm section, the bass provides a steady and solid sound with a nice foot-tapping pace. The drums give a flavour to the song especially during the second half. The arrangement of the vocal parts is unique and it is so enjoyable to listen to their double lead vocals as well as the third vocal. The climax after the gentle section is where the band give their greatest energy. Kumas Music.

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