Lake Song – Indie Rock – by Raised on TV

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Raised On TV is a band of two brothers that are natives of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. The band has gone through many trials and tribulations since their original formation in 2016, and then reformation from a 3-piece into a 2-piece in 2019, but the band is now at a place that is perhaps more honest and gritty than it has ever been.

With no shows to play, little money to spend, and an excess of time on their hands due to the pandemic, Keaton and Kacey decided to commit to recording their third studio album. Originally called β€œSeason 3” (In line with a pattern started with the first two albums) the band also opted for a title change. They chose to name the album β€œFernando.” The name Fernando can mean an adventurous and bold journey. It's also the name of the valley they call home. To them, this album sought to capture something raw, scars and all, that place of realness deep within, so it made sense to name it after where they grew up. The sound can be described as true, rather than perfect, their own vein of β€œGarage Rock” or β€œBedroom Pop.”

They are releasing β€œFernando” strictly as singles, each accompanied with a video, starting on 2/26/21 with "Lake Song."Β  They are also currently converting their tour van into a camper van, and planning to travel and live stream in 2021. Even if they can’t play live shows, Raised on TV still wants to get on the road, and seek out all the things that made them a band in the first place. Keaton Rogers Music.

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