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M’Z β€˜s new album "L'autopsie du dogme" has just been released,

It is a 55.55 minute long musical piece that goes through a number of aesthetics, from metal to jazz, from punk to EDM, from jungle to pop, from grunge to film music, from tonal to modal…
This is a solo project but surrounded by my musical family also present on the recording.

It was realized independently and completely self-produced.
I'd like to give it some visibility, I thought you might be interested listening to it, you can find the links here:
or here :

This album strives to reflect on two axes in parallel:

- The most obvious is the satire of the middle of the music industry in its entirety by trying not to spare anyone, at the dawn of its disappearance it seemed important to me to pay homage as to criticize what deserves it in this environment, see the beauty of these pioneers of cult movements and unfortunately well exploited by an industry which is artistic only the raw material which it exploits until its total extraction like any good industry in the wander of neoliberalism without counter- power.
Tired of the vagaries and "weaknesses" of these artists that it attracts, the industry thinks it can reproduce the musical codes itself or even create new ones, (it has already succeeded in creating a whole bunch of labels) but it is clear that it is a very bad alchemy for those who love art but this black magic works perfectly for those who love gold and we know that the quality of the raw material has little of importance when you master the propaganda tools to dictate what the crowd should like.

- It is also a way of creating a parallel of reflection between the death of God thanks to modern thinkers and which gradually wins minds in Western culture and what remains of these dogmas created in their honor to promote their control and domination over peoples.
It would be crazy to think that it was enough to kill God to emancipate yourself from it, unfortunately beyond the figure of God, there are all the tentacular dogmas which subsist and which by their elegance, their fallacies, their manipulations or self-manipulations still know how to seduce and there is then the individual path that everyone can take so that finally God no longer occupies a single human heart.

- There would also be a third axis and this one more personal, where each of these characters would be a part of my being, because it would obviously be too caricature and Manichean to think things in such a binary way, it seems to me that each of us can be an industry, a lot of dogma, a tyrant when we misuse the ingredients of which we are made.
All are useful as long as you apply the right amount. I hope then that this album can act as a balance and that it will pay homage to both the machine and the dreamer and thereby prevent one of our voices from speaking louder than the others for a while.

Enjoy your listening, I hope this sound can take you on a journey, at least it is made with a lot of passion and a real desire to put meaning and soul into it.

Mathieu TORRES Mathieu TORRES Music.

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