Let’s Get Freaky (MV Radio) – Dance Pop – by nasmore (feat. Cris Hodges)

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Stocked with colorfully expressive sound that reveals addictive hooks from the music to the microphone, “Let’s Get Freaky” is an unapologetic deep dive between the sheets, fully designed for those moments where the lights are down low for the business about to be handled in the bedroom. Empowered with its sexually-charged theme, “Let’s Get Freaky” is your celebratory soundtrack to the perfect Friday night. Through the passionately intense precision of his vocals, Cris Hodges adds slick & stylistic tone to every second of “Let’s Get Freaky” that brings nasmore’s music to life in a way so real, you can virtually touch it as you listen – or perhaps even better…if you’re the nasty type, this single might very well touch YOU!
Released officially online to all major music platforms this year as a three-song set that also includes the “Nightclub Remix” and Tik Tok versions of “Let’s Get Freaky” – the collaborative efforts of nasmore and Hodges are guaranteed to raise an eyebrow or two as they scorch their way up to the top of the charts & playlists with their provocative new single. Some of that real NSFW magic for your time outside of the 9-5 – “Let’s Get Freaky” is brilliantly engaging, and likely to be the anthem for your next sexual conquest – no matter which version listeners tune into, it’s a high-quality single built & designed to supply sensual vibes that turns good times into great ones. With radiant neon Pop sound, untamed sexual energy, and unfiltered lyricism that cuts right to the chase – “Let’s Get Freaky” is an entire orgy’s worth of irresistible ideas with epic hooks and captivating professionalism at work from performance to production. Excited to shock listeners all over the map with a single that’s genuinely as bold as they cum – “Let’s Get Freaky” holds nothing back in blowing a tantalizing load of sound through your speakers, straight into your face.
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