Let’s Go Down By The Beach Gurl

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Junior Souvenance is a Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock n Roll, song writer,Composer,
Producer, Guitarist, Pianist, Vocalist, Poet,
Artist. From Harlem World, NYC, But is
Residing in the Tropical Island sunshine of
Tumon Guam ...His Elegant Melodies & Beats makes his music style & genres
A Universal contemporary vibes & sounds & feelings typically for one’s enjoyment.

In his earlier adolescence
Junior Souvenance had a passion & desire, for learning about musical, symphony’s & percussions, of all type of genres of music ethics of people & as well as different genres of music. Growing up, he was tremendously inspired by hip-hop, gospel, rnb, rocknroll, Motown and much more genres of music. He eventually transitioned from a fantastic listener to an devoted artist. in his early 20s of 2007 and he has proceeded to achieve his passion & desire, for his music career to advance but due to life challenges his music dreams,goals,& aspirations was put hold for many of years, But now his life is back on track, in his early 30s of 10/26/2020, he recently released a new album called wavy Beats Instruments and hope his fan's will enjoy the beautiful Music Songs & Beat Melodies & celebrity Remixes Junior Souvenance Music.

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