Like You Love Me / King of Eve – EDM/pop – by Luna Vexa

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It’s rare to uncover an artist with a world-class voice and an unmistakably authentic sound to match. Australian singer and songwriter Luna Vexa, is exactly that and more. Her vocals are an alluring combination of seductive and airy whispers, to a sky-bending, powerful belt few possess. Vexa’s signature infuses oceans of angelic harmonies, hard-hitting and moody soundscapes filled with dreamy textures. 

For all her shimmering pop hooks and aesthetic beauty, her music bears honesty like an open wound. Stark and revealing, her latest album King Of Eve captures this essence across an array of powerfully moving tracks that find the perfect balance between ferocity and rapture.

Entirely crowd-funded, King Of Eve is a both a gift to Luna from her fans, and an offering from her back to them. Alluring and dark, it is her greatest work to date – proving the Melbourne-based artist is not afraid to show who she really is. Her lyrics bare her soul for the world to see – exploring themes of desperation, helplessness, love and lust... real places all of us have been.

Autobiographical, artistically daring and just straight-up catchy, King Of Eve is a powerful record. At its heart is a unique artist whose determination and fearlessness continue to set her apart as one of the country's best underground talents.
Luna Music.

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