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Overthought is an electro/acoustic Rock duo from Pavullo nel
Frignano, near Modena.
Born in October 2016 the band is formed by Michele Magnani (voice,
guitar) and Przemek Werbik (bass).
Their musical references range from Ben Howard, to Stu Larsen and
Passenger (among the others), but these young musicians’ background
goes back to the 90s, to the Seattle grunge scene.
This reflects directly on their instrumental and compositional
The straightforward songwriting and guitar playing -which lets the
bass free to explore- give birth to an easy-listening, yet detailed sound.
In 2020 they publish their self-titled album, recorded at All Right
Riserva studio, produced by Achille Caifa for Yoloco Music inc. and
published by All Right Riserva Recordz. Overthought Music.

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