Lonely Silence – Alternative Rock/Pop Rock – By Deeder

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About Deeder:
Deeder is an independent musician, singer-songwriter, mixer and producer from Sweden.
Creating songs from his home studio in Stockholm. Describing the majority of the music simple as Pop Rock
with alot of his influences combined from Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Post-Punk and New Wave.

The songwriting is often about all the questions and thoughts in his head, resulting in all kinds of feelings, from despair to hope.
According to his own saying Deeder wants to create music that represents life.

Lonely Silence is about finding out what you really wanna do in life rather than doing what you've been told to do.
Explaining the struggle to break out from the "lonely silence" and finding your own truth.

This is a really cool tune and kinda different compared to what I normally write.
Almost going into the metal genre with heavy guitars, drums and base. It got a dark feeling and powerful sound in the production that
goes along with the lyrics. The chorus is more familiar with my kind of writing, big and melodic.
Halfway into the song I decided to do some kind of breakdown followed by a instrumental part with a driving beat and keep adding instruments and sounds
to create a lot of energy. Then it goes to a chaotic guitar solo to keep the energy, followed by a calmer version of the chorus. It then ends with a full-blown chaotic chorus followed by the intro-riff again.

This song really shows what I write when I dont think too much, more of a "just go for it" attitude.

โ€œDeeder has a different style of rock, but he's proven in his music that Rock is not dead and still lives in his soul!โ€ - WITNESSTHEFAME Deeder Music.

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