Love You Better / Evan Oddissey

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There are absolute glimmers of desire in this violent feeling we call love. A pumping heart that speeds when it materializes in a kiss or a touch. A breathing lung that explodes with hidden power. This is what 'Love You Better' feels like. A hymn to the fear that later unfolds into body message.

Written in a very sensual tone, Evan Oddissey once again brings justice to his name evoking the odd in this love reverie, an odissey he has particularly described throughout the entire singles 'Replace it' and 'Fantasizing'. For those who crave for touch, it will only increase the need. For those who have already tasted the feeling, the song will wrap you around its melody and revive it.

Influenced by artists like David Bowie, Kanye West & Frank Ocean. You can find the sounds that Evan loved the most in his journey to become a musician. This particular song is a mix between R&B and Neo-Soul, with the constant element of shimmery synths mixed with string instrument like cello, harps & violin. He played with the intensity and buzz of the drums digitally, but still preserving an organic feeling. One of the most interesting facts about this song is that it is a self-written, self-produced, self-mixed and self-mastered track, besides the creative parts of the songs Evan himself took charge of all the technical field, which makes the whole product a more detailed experience of what the artist wanted & envisioned.

'Love You Better' will be released on October 15th in every streaming platform such as Spotify, Deezer, Youtube and so on. Its music video that will be released two weeks after, will continue the narrative of the story that started with the first single "Replace It". We do think that with the proper exposure, this song can be one of the most popular R&B/Neo-Soul tracks of the year, a ww hit.

Thank you for your magnificent work and interest in new artists like Evan Oddissey, that will only enhance the musical experience you are guaranteeing.

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Evan Oddissey Music.

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